Was Thích Quảng Đức an arahant despite being a Mahayanist?


Thich Quang Duc was a Thien (Vietnamese Chan) monk of the Mahayana tradition. He is known to have immolated himself alive while being totally impassive, as a sign of protest against a ruler hostile to Buddhism. In fact, he declared the nianfo of Amitābha Buddha just before he struck the match that caused his immolation.

Do you think he is arahant, or at least sotapanna, despite being a Mahayanist?
More broadly, do you think a mahayanist can become an arahant (or at least sotapanna)?

I ask this question because it was when I saw the image of his impassive immolation that I thought that there might be a possibility of ending suffering, and from then on I became interested in Buddhism. However, I follow the orthodox Theravada.

Thanks in advance

May all beings attain the Buddha’s View.

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