Way Of listening to Suttas

Sutta reading browser.

Hey all, just figured out and idea to hear the new things translations before the official recordings are complete in some time. I am using an iPhone and downloaded a browser called AirRead Web. Works okay. You have to manually select the text you want it to read before clicking play.

Anyone have anyone one to methods of listening to the texts on SC?


That’s cool. Some of the new AI-powered text to speech is pretty incredible. It’ll probably choke on the Pali names, though!

We do plan to make proper voice recordings of the new translations, but this will take a while.


This was supposed to say, anyone have any other methods for listening to the suttas in SC?

Looking forward to eventual recordings. I’ve found a podcast with a few suttas spoken and it’s nice to listen to suttas. I could imagine this being a great gift for those Buddhists who are unwell and cannot read while recovering.


This link has recordings of many suttas in both English and Pali. It’s organized by @frankk who is active on this forum.