Ways to increase mindfulness and 4 Sutta suggestions

Friends of suttacentral! the doctrine of Sañjaya Belaṭṭhiputta can be found in Dn2 which has 82 parallels.
According to one of my dearest teachers Sañjaya Belaṭṭhiputta was basically explaining in a very elaborate way that he knew nothing! Haha!

Please take a moment to arrive.

Here are four Suttas containing reference to lay Ariyas:
An6.44 with 3 parallels, An8.21 With 1 parallel, Mn73 with 3 parallels and Mn81 with 7 parallels.
To find these Suttas simply leave discuss and discover and navigate the site using the hamburger menu in the top left of the screen (An is numbered and MN is middle length).

OK so let’s up our mindfulness now.
If you keep the five precepts, your mindfulness will increase.
If you practice loving kindness towards yourself (softening your thoughts words and attitudes), your mindfulness will increase.
If you are calm, your mindfulness will increase
and if you meditate, your mindfulness will increase.
If you try to force mindfulness you will exhaust yourself. So my master says:
Make it kindfulness!!!
Eating after dawn and before solar noon, is very easy for some people. I highly recommend it. It seems to have…
Increased my mindfulness!!!
Celibacy is a wise choice and is easy for some people. It seems to have… yep you guessed it,
Increased my mindfulness!!!
Avoiding TV, music and movies seems to have…
Increased my mindfullness!!!
If you want any tips on how to practice the gradual training as a lay person feel free to hit me up in private or below.
Thanks for reading.


Hello Ajahnbrahmsrabbit!
Thank you for these tips.
I have one question: could you explain from your own experience in what way these tips brought more mindfulness into your life? Like a before and after comparison?
All the best wishes to you,
the littleredpanda :slight_smile:

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Hi littleredpanda, I would compare my mindfulness (prior to attempting to keep the eight precepts) to… Well I couldn’t even here a clear dhamma speaker teach when my mindfulness was at its lowest. I could not see what was going on around me (and still can’t). I am now happier and can lend an ear when I need to listen. In terms of acting with clear comprehension… I can sort of …not step on ants and open the door for the teacher at the right time.

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Mindfulness or sati is right remembering, As well as present moment awareness. For example, where did I put my keys? Did I leave the stove on? that sort of stuff.