Web services that don't work with SuttaCentral

This can be a place to collect website “services” that don’t work with

The basic idea with these services is that it “scrapes” the main content of the site and then does something with it.

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Websites/Browser Plugins

Push to Kindle (also plugin)

What’s broken

Users should be able to convert a page to a kindle book and send it to their device. But the converted pages are blank.
Example of not working:

Browser plugins

Joplin Web Clipper

What’s broken

  • Users should be able to click “Clip complete page” and have the contents of the page copied to a new note in the desktop Joplin app. Note is created but empty.
  • “Clip simplified page” creates a note with the SC message It looks like you're using an unsupported browser.
  • Using "Clip Complete Page (HTML) (beta) puts the following text in the note: clipCompletePageHtmlBeta.pdf (55.8 KB) Tested with this page.
  • However if text is selected and “Clip selected text” is chosen, then the text gets added to the new note.


What’s broken:



FireFox Reader view

What’s broken

Web pages should allow the user to press F9 and convert the page to a simplified reading view. It does not.

Documentation: Firefox Reader View for clutter-free web pages | Firefox Help

Chrome Reader Mode

This feature is deactivated by default. Here are instructions for enabling it.

What’s not working

An icon should appear allowing a page to be viewed in Reader Mode (as well as a menu item) however for SC pages no such icon appears

Web services that DO work with SuttaCentral


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