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Welcome! This is the discussion community for SuttaCentral. We focus on Early Buddhist Texts, their historical context, and modern relevance. We hope you’ll have a great time here, and—who knows—maybe even get enlightened!

On this site you’ll find a range of resources relating to Early Buddhist texts, including essays and commentaries about the suttas. Join the conversation, ask some questions, get involved.

By the way, the word “Discourse” is actually the name of the software platform that we are using for this forum. It also happens to be the same word that we usually use to translate “sutta” into English. This might be just a coincidence, but we’ve been very impressed with how the developers of Discourse want to create what they call Civilized Discourse, which is pretty much what the Buddha called Right Speech.

Before adding any posts, you should read our Universal Rules of Dhamma Discourse. We’re offering this service as part of our Dhamma practice, as the suttas say that conversation about Dhamma is part of the eight-fold path. We hope that you use it in the same way.

Acceptance, being easy to speak to,
The sight of good practitioners,
And timely conversation about Dhamma:
This is the greatest blessing.
Maṅgala Sutta, Kp 5.10