What about 4 new precepts for lay Buddhists?

Number 6: I undertake the rule of training to refrain from frustration or anger with myself whenever I break a precept.

Number 7: I undertake the rule of training to begin again with an open and forgiving :heartbeat: whenever I break a precept.

Number 8: I undertake the rule of training to refrain from criticizing another in their efforts to practice the precepts.

Number 9: I undertake the rule of training to encourage and support others in our shared journey to freedom.


Very good. I think these are technically elements belonging to Right effort, as only actions via speech and body, are considered precepts. However these could be considered as wholesome intensions or considerations, before or probably after taking precepts IMO.

With metta,


How about a 9-fold path and refer to these considerations as: right-orientation? :heart_eyes:

The Buddha is often referred to as a doctor and many doctors I have known told me that they try to minimize requesting behavioral changes as they have observed there are only so many they will get out of their patients. They would rather save those requests for the most important behavioral modifications that will produce the most health results for their patients.

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It’s best if we relate in a kind and supportive way to ourselves - and others - wherever we happen to be in our shared journey in the Dhamma. Everyone should feel supported and cared for regardless of their capacity to explore the teachings in theory and practice. Some may have personal issues that they struggle with but still try their best to find their way out of dukkha. May they find the support, encouragement and understanding they need to develop at their own pace - however long it takes to find freedom.

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