What are all the words and terms added later in Pali Canon?

I wonder because I read this. And seems not much mentioned in Sutta Nipata. But it was misused same as “Thus have I heard”

Another difference between the two versions that deserves attention is seen in the introduction to SN 12. 65 and its counterpart SA 287. In SN 12. 65 the Buddha says: 123
Before I was enlightened, bhiksus, while I was not yet perfectly enlightened, a bodhisatta, this thought came to me, thus: …
In the corresponding SA 287, he says:124
Bhiksus, before I was enlightened, being in a lonely place, concentrated energetically in meditation, this reflection came to me, thus: …,
Here, SA lacks the term “bodhisattva” (P. bodhisatta, “enlightenment- being”). It is possible that the word bodhisatta in SN was added later