What are the top quality Buddhist forums?

Pretty straightforward, just wondering which forums are really the bet to interact in. As far as user quatity/quality, accuracy of knowledge, good for beginners, but also able to answer more Difficult questions.

I love it here, but a lot of the conversation is higher then I am at in the teachings right now.


I like Dhamma Wheel as it got a very active membership. They are fairly knowledgeable. Have the freedom of speech more than other discussion forums. I think DW is now matured and members are learned to tolerate different opinions. I feel it is more balanced except not much women participation for some reason.

I used to participate in Buddhism Stack Exchange for a while. Discussions are discouraged and the topic is moved to a different area without much interaction. If you need only direct question and answers it is a good forum.

Sutta Central is the best resources center.


Thank you for the suggestions!

I believe the ‘Buddhist Society of Western Australia’ (BSWA) has a chat-room and lots of great resources including guided-meditation downloads. Maybe do the guided meditations and come back and then let us know how you went? What you are discovering from the inside out?

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Where is that at?

I thought it had some kind of interactive forum but I could be wrong. I guess you would just have to make a search on the site - and it will either appear or not? The reason I mentioned the BSWA is because I know from experience that they have wise and kind guidance.



There is a ““Ask A Monastic!”” section.
This is EXACTLY what I was looking for!!!
Thank you so much! AhhHh! :hugs:


I love it here, but a lot of the conversation is higher then I am at in the teachings right now.

If you learn some of the terminology you’ll feel at home soon enough- other forums will be using difficult words too, and the curve of learning will be very hard at the start. Even if you don’t know everything don’t let it put you off, as if you learn it now, it will help you sail smoothly for the rest of your life. :slight_smile:

With metta


In my opinion the best quality Buddhist forums are face to face. Even just-interested-in-Buddhism discussion groups have some advantages and benefits rarely or never available from the best Internet forums.

During covid19 crisis, this is difficult. But there might be zoom or other options for actual groups with which you might connect.

Wishing you most excellent fortune with whatever variety of forums you add to your diet.


Thanks. Like the Original Post I love it here but find this forum:


Any suggestions on how best to manage the learning curve here are most welcome. :smiley:

Tyy things out and see.

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My level of ignorance is really high so despite being a forum member for years there’s a ton that goes right by me. :rofl: I usually look at the list of unread topics that come up when I open the forum ( a good reason for clear, descriptive titles ). There’s often at least one that looks interesting. Following provided links is helpful when I’m not familiar with an idea being presented. Also, Googling! My bookmarks list is loaded with stuff to go back and investigate more thoroughly.
You should also be more brave than me and ask questions :grin:

Enjoy your exploration of the dhamma.



On some forums, I feel more liberated than in the company of my real friends.

Hi @dasiefiedo,

Welcome to the D&D forum!

Enjoy the multiple resources here available: may these be of assistance along the path.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact the @moderators.

With Metta,
On behalf of the moderators

Has anyone been successful registering on the Dhammaloka Community website vBulletin Forums? I’ve tried many times with three different browsers and it won’t let me register because there is no field to enter “Spiritual Teacher” and my emails to the webmaster aren’t answered.

I’ve had exactly the same experience, for several years now. It never got back up running properly after it was shut down for an overhaul… at least that’s what I believe happened…

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Perusing it, I’m guessing that it’s a pretty dormant or dead site.


If you’re open to Buddhist traditions other than Theravada, I highly recommend the Rinzai Zen Discussion group on Facebook:

I have started to notice this forum…

It seems to have some good content. Some posters seem to have a caricature-ish idea of what it means to consider ones self a “follower of the EBTs” so just be aware of that. Naturally it’s going to have a very doctrinally conservative slant to things.