What could be the connection of these suttas SN48.57 SN48.58

The first sutta explain how Brahma sahampati became known as sahampati in the Brahmaloka by formerly practicing the 5 indriyas. Which is a sutta in the SuttaCentral

And the other is named as the same vagga and is a sutta that explain again the 5 indriyas

I have noticed the translation that can be for the word of the Sukarakhata sutta.

But then I went to look up the word sukara (सुकर).—a (S) Easy to be done, accomplished, or attained; facile, feasible, practicable, achievable.

And it made more sense what the correct transmission meaning for Sahampati had to be. Because in the first sutta he is called as human. Sahakara or Pali sahakaro. But its a word like sukara because he is accomplished or has attained the 5 indriyas. It would be nice to name it this way. Because people and understand the meaning better. A sakurapati will be better. Probably. If I understand this good? It like accomplished Lord. Because he has practiced the 5 indriyas. Like sutta say. But it’s not clear with such word as sahampati. Which I think was weird changed to Pali.

I have just noticed that the saṃyukta āgama vol 2 has a chapter named Indriya Saṃyukta

So maybe the vagga name was changed after of the Pali version