What did I experience during my Vipassana retreat?

So on day seven or something of a Vipassana retreat I did a few years ago I had this experience where I was acutely aware of everything in my surroundings. The practice there of course is bodyscanning, and I could do that but I also could take in all of the sounds around me. Everyone went for lunch but this experience was so weird that I stayed in meditation. It was pretty cool to be aware of a hundred or so people getting up and walking away. It lasted probably thirty minutes, and me being excited did not end it.

Now I was a beginner at meditating then, and just recently I took up the practice of meditating again and also started to read about Buddhism which I never have before. Buddhism seems quite technical in describing these experiences you can have, and I just wanted to know if anyone knows what this was? It’s my one and only weird experience of meditating.


Awesome! Yeah, it’s amazing how much bandwidth our consciousness has when we finally quiet our thinking a bit :laughing:


An effulgence of awareness is one of the normal occurrences described on the path of insight:

“They are not imperfections or defilements in themselves, but may become the basis for them through the arising of pride or delight or by a wrong conclusion that one of the holy paths has been attained. He, however, who is watchful and experienced in insight practice, will know that these states of mind do not indicated attainment of the true path, but are only symptoms or concomitants of insight meditation.”—Nyanatiloka

The practitioner should have the structure of the practice in mind, and continue towards the next goal. From the body awareness of the first tetrad of the Anapanasati sutta, they should finish by calming , then begin the cultivation of joy as instructed. What was described is actually a completed attainment of this process in the two tetrads.

A gentle rememberance of what you had already in your mind power. Wisdom is in you

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Clarity is fantastic!

Clean windshields help us get to our destinations safely. May your continued practice effortlessly bring you clarity and peace.

DN34:1.6.73: ‘This immersion is peaceful and sublime and tranquil and unified, not held in place by forceful suppression.’


I guess it was a new experience for you, and that’s why it made that kind of impact. And as usual with new experiences, forget them, and continue practising.

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A reminder that the Forum Guide includes the advice

All meditators experience new and surprising things. Mostly they’re not to be taken too seriously. It’s good to talk to a teacher in real life who knows us. Or perhaps resort to PMs between meditator and monastic, if possible. :pray:


Oh sorry, I did not realize it could be interpreted badly. I was not trying to show off. I’m just a beginner with nothing to brag about. Just a curious experience!

Rules understood :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. :smiley: