What does adornment for the mind mean?

On AN 7.52, it is stated the most beneficial reason for giving is “This is an adornment and requisite for the mind”. What does this phrase mean?

I thought that this phrase refer to giving as prerequisite for higher meditation, but doesn’t have really good ground for it.

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I would say that since it is stated that the Mind is within the Heart in some traditions, and since this form of gift giving is not only an Adornment but a Requsete in a certain type of alms giving, it is a necessary form of Loving-kindness in Buddhism to have such Compassion, by which the Mind is Adorned and supplicated in positive Metta in order for Awakening to one day come. Adornment here mean that the Mind is Adorned by the Clear Light, by Bodhicitta, and as it is said eventually by a state of non-regression in the progress towards Buddhahood.

I think the commentary says that it refers to giving with the idea that it would be a requisite and adornment for the practice of developing samatha/vipassana which seems pretty reasonable. Haven’t seen this term come up in any other context in the Nikayas.