What happened to user icons?


Does it help to press Ctrl + =?


Editing works after you do it a second time. So that would be Cloudflare too.


Thanks for that hope; it’s sort of nice to know it works on other sites.


Yes, @Robbie, that would probably be the best solution for now.


There are excellent new tools available for designing themes:


Only to a point - and not on iOS. But I’ll have to manage.

The serif font just isn’t very clear. And, Aya @Vimala the stark black/white contrast isn’t ideal either way round, dark grey/brown or off white backgrounds help readability.

Again, thank you.


I have been searching for font changing extensions, and found this one:

It seems to work okay, their default global font is already a lot better. You can also upload other fonts to it by Googling [fontname] + .ttf (or [fontname] + .otf or [fontname] + .woff), downloading the font, and adding it to Font Changer.

There are other extensions as well, but I don’t haven’t tried them out. Don’t use Stylish though; they have stolen user data!


Try this. It’s got some useful tips: 8 iPhone accessibility features that make everyone's life better


By the way, Dark Reader also has buttons for Sepia, Grayscale, Brightness, and Contrast. I just figured this out! (Have been using the extension for a while already.)


Where did you find these buttons @Robbie?


Click on the Dark Reader icon. By default, the “Filter” menu should open. Below Dark/Light Mode you’ll find the buttons (sliders) for Brightness etc.

I’d send you a screenshot, but Discourse doesn’t let me.


That’s brilliant – I found Helvetica lurking behind the Sepia etc. :smile:


Okay guys. All should be working again now with no more server errors.

Also, I rigged up a quick Accessibility-theme in both dark and light so maybe @Gillian would you like to test that (you might have to disable your new browser settings)?
There is still a lot that can be done to improve it but it’s not bad. You can also play around with the text size.

Maybe @karl_lew would like to have a look at that too?


Dear Ayya @Vimala. You are amazing! :pray: This is so kind of you. … For me this is sufficient; I can live very happily with either version just as they are now. :smiley: … I’m sure there are others out there who’ll join in my appreciation. Thank you so much for doing this for us. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


The Accessibility Theme-Dark is great! Thank you Ayya @Vimala. I’ve been moving slowly to Dark themes and it really is easier on the eyes. :darth_vader: :wink:


Thank you very much, both accessibility themes are great and they allow per-user global font resize, yay!

The site banner (link to SuttaCentral) at the top is a bit wider than the header (perhaps it was coded in fixed units or %; maybe setting its size to 100vw would do the trick?). And maybe make it the same colour as the header to make it more seamless?


I’m loving the Light best.


Thanks so much Ayya, that’s a great idea. Theming on D&D definitely needs some love. (I might, or might not, have made the first step towards getting our first dedicated UX designer for SC …)


user inter-x? :person_climbing:‍♂


Ayya @Vimala. My eyes :eyes: thank you so much :heart_eyes: for the Dark Accessibility theme. Now it no longer feels like the screen is screaming in my eyes.

I will keep testing with this. BTW, one small note:

  • I cannot read the number of messages except by squinting. Not sure what solution is: either white circle with black number or black circle with white numbers?

User eXperience. :smile: