What happens to the consciousness when a person becomes an Arahant?

What happened to the consciousness when a person become an Arahant?

The vinnana aggregate still occurs… There’s no clinging there, but the aggregates still function. Maybe I’m not sure what you’re asking.


I think I had a memory laps.
Yes Arhants are termed as not clinging aggregate.
Perhaps I was thinking about what happened to the Arahants consciousness after his death.
But is one of the question we can’t ask.

Who knows? Let’s practice to become arahants and find out :wink:


I think this is where Ajahn Brahm’s use of Consciousnesses helps.

Eye conciousness needs an eye and a visual object and contact… ear… nose… touch… taste… mind conciousness needs a mind, a mind object and contact.


This is something I never understood.
I can understand where the eye is.
But where is the mind?
What is the difference between mind and the mind consciousness?

You have to stop thinking of it in terms of science or even the normal way we think of the mind being somehow a biologically driven phenomena.

In fact it is relevant to think of thoughts giving rise to mind-consciousness, at the mind-door. Then mind-contact arises.

Each of these factors arise, one at a time; and they are a string of cause and effect. If this process happened extremely quickly, there would be the illusion of a ‘mind’ as we know it.

I hope this clarifies things.

with metta


I think of the mind as the “space” in which thoughts and feelings arise. Rather like the visual field where visual objects appear.

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