What if Buddha did not know that the world is spherical?

If you are convinced that Buddha did not know the world is spherical, will it change your attitude towards Buddha?
What I am trying to explore here is a hypothetical situation like whether Jesus Christ exists and he died on the cross. If I can prove any of them basically the whole base for Christianity will be on the shaky ground. Because Jesus died on the cross for the sins of mankind and he will come back again to this world.

So if Buddha did not know the world is spherical, can we believe the 32 realms describe in the Suttas?
Can we believe that he flies like a bird in the air, walk on water and dive into the earth?

Did Jesus poop? What would change for a Christian if they knew he did?

That wouldn’t be a problem as he never claimed omniscience.

Now, if Nigantha Nattaputa (Mahavira) did not know earth is not flat then Jainism would be at odds with its key doctrinal point that the awakening of a soul does necessarily involve omsnicience (kevala jñāna)!