What is meant by Adipadhi, Attadipadhi, Lokadipadhi and Dhammadipadhi?

Upon reading some of Mogok Sayadaw old books and booklets. I came accross these pali words Adipadhi, Attadipahi, Lokadipadhi and Dhammadipadhi. Can someone explain it literally what is the root word?

I think the word youā€™re looking for is ādhipateyya in Pali, ādhipatya in Sanskrit.

The sutta below is the only one that actually describes the three ādhipateyyas, as opposed to just mentioning them by name.

Ādhipateyyasutta - Pali

Bh. Bodhi translation

Bh. Sujāto translation


Thank you, Ajahn. It looks like the Adhipatteya Sutta. I believe it may be a mistyping in his book. The book is in myanmar, and translated into english.

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