What is my ancestry? who cares!

I’m looking forward to that one. We can’t all have been Napoleon though. :yum:


It appears someone else is caring about it!!

There may have been much more migration than modern minds imagine.

FYI: When I hear ancestry my first thought is about my direct ancestors, fathers, mothers, great grandfathers, etc. @SarathW1 I think you speak to something related but different.

The western world seems to enjoy an odd conflation where a highly vocal group speak both against racial discrimination and yet tend to encourage a sense of, and identify with, race and ancestry. Thus conversations about society often begins with the formula
"as a person of <racial, ancestral, & other identity> I …".

Things get confusing after this. Is the motivation for the formula the idea that we should privilege some perspectives over others on the basis of identity? Or is a matter of maintaining a level of epistemological humility? Something else? It seems to me, that in practice it’s often closer to the first.

Further privileging and discriminating are closely related if not interchangeable.

What’s behind this may be a thinking that is influenced by distinctly different understandings of stereotypes and stereotyping. I think the mature understanding – and one that is supported by social science – is one that acknowledges that stereotypes are often, but not always, statistically accurate.

For living I take a middle way. I am a racist and an influenced by stereotypes. As far as I can tell virtually everyone is. That said, there is much that is called racist or racism that is troubling, undesirable and/or unethical.
Wisdom is awareness of the existence of stereotypes as one of the ways I perceive the world while also being aware of the limitations of stereotypes – especially that a stereotype is not a person.

Such a viewpoint is threatening to many notions of “harmful stereotypes”. That threat or tension encapsulates a good amount of “the culture war” when seen as a conflict of views. Especially so when the notion doesn’t include nuances such as the middle way view above.


As you know, the Buddhist term for this is Mana.
People are not only racist but they try to discriminate any possible way.
Mana will be eradicated only by Arahant.