What is "Sammā" in Noble Eightfold Path?

What is “Samma” in Noble Eightfold Path?

Each limb of Noble Eightfold Path is start with " Samma" which is translated as Right. eg. Right view etc.
To me Samma means perfect or highest.
It also implies that Noble Eightfold Path should be practiced as a whole and not in isolation.
This matter is very clear in some insight meditation practices.
They pay attention only to Samma Sati. (Right mindfulness) not the rest of the limbs.

Any thoughts?


thoroughly properly, rightly; in the right way, as it ought to be best, perfectly
even or proper (…) especially in connection with constituents of the eightfold Aryan Path, where it is contrasted with micchā
The form sammā is reduced to samma˚; before short vowels (with the insertion of a sandhi -d-, cp. puna-deva), like samma-d-eva properly, in harmony or completeness
Vedic samyac (= samyak) & samīś “connected, in one”; see under saṃ˚


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Bhikkhus, the first appearance, the first signs of the rising sun is dawn.
In the same manner the first appearances and the first signs of all meritorious things is right view.
To one with right view, there are right thoughts.
To one with right thoughts, there is right speech.
To one with right speech, there is right action.
To one with right actions, there is right livelihood.
To one with right livelihood, there is right endeavour.
To one with right endeavour, there is right mindfulness.
To one with right mindfulness, there is right concentration.
To one with right concentration, there is right knowledge.
To one with right knowledge, there is right release.

Source: Pubbaṇgamasuttaṃ (AN10.121)

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