What is the corresponding reference for Itivuttaka III,30: 71-2 on Sutta Central?

Greetings friends,

I’m afraid I still can’t navigate all parts of SC with ease …

I’m looking for this reference
Itivuttaka III,30: 71-2

I would be most grateful if someone could point me in the right direction
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You will need to consult one of those tables which reconcile PTS references with other possible systems.
There are a few topics on the subject here. Have you tried searching for it?



Many Thanks Gabriel :pray:

Yes I have tried searching for it… On numerous ocassions for things in the Itivuttaka, and have always given up. This time though, I’d really like to read the original (I only have a reference from a paraphrase) :smiley: hence my call for assistance.

In fact I’ve found a weird anomally. On the SC index under iti, this very one seems to be missing - it goes from

HappinessSomanassa Sutta Iti 37 Iti 29

straight to

Often Occurring ThoughtsVitakka Sutta Iti 38 Iti 31

Thereby missing iti 30 (it appears that SC only has the John D Ireland translations avail at the moment) Bhante, is your translation slated for inclusion, or is it already there somewhere and I’m just too thick to find it? :joy:

Any thoughts?

Bhante @sujato, very sorry to trouble you, but would you be able to shed some light on this. lol… I did enjoy your talks on your new translation of iti… but that doesn’t help with the search…


Indeed, it seems we don’t yet have references itivuttaka suttas reconciled.
For reference, these are my usual sources when I encounter similar issues with references to DN, MN and AN suttas:



Thanks very much :pray:

I’ve just decided to read the whole lot :joy: :smiley:

And just because it is sooo beautiful I share one here
# 73. More Peaceful

This was said by the Lord…

“Bhikkhus, the formless is more peaceful than the form realm, and cessation is more peaceful than the formless.”

> Those beings who reach the form realm
> And those established in the formless,
> If they do not know cessation
> Come back to renewal of being.
> Those who fully understand forms
> Without getting stuck in the formless,
> Are released into cessation
> And leave Death far behind them.
> Having touched with his own person
> The deathless element free from clinging,
> Having realized the relinquishment of clinging,
> His taints all gone,
> The Fully Enlightened One proclaims
> The sorrowless state that is void of stain.

Added: Effort is rewarded :smiley: The one I was searching for is 79; Falling away :slight_smile: And not only did I find it, but it took me via so many other lovely suttas :smiley: