What is the destination (rebirth) of a person with Vibhava Tanha?

What is the destination (rebirth) of a person with Vibhava Tanha?
Is Vibhava Tanha some kind of partial Nibbana?

There are three kinds of Tanha. (Kama, Bhava, Vibhava) some description of Vibhava Tanha:

“And how do some slip right past? Some, feeling horrified, humiliated, & disgusted with that very becoming, relish non-becoming: ‘When this self, at the break-up of the body, after death, perishes & is destroyed, and does not exist after death, that is peaceful, that is exquisite, that is sufficiency!’ This is how some slip right past.

Itivuttaka 49

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There is a feeling of this description right now

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Nothing special:

“Touch”, the origination of pleasant, unpleasant,
“Touch” being absent these cease to be.
That which is being, non-being (vibhava) as well,
its origin’s thus, I tell you of this.

From what causes in the world does touch come to be
And whence does possessiveness also arise?
in the absence of what is “mine” making not?
When what exists not are no “touches” touched?

“Touches” depend upon mind, upon form,
possessiveness caused by longing repeated,
when longing’s not found, possessiveness’s gone,
When form is no longer, no “touches” are “touched”. SuttaCentral

It seems non-existence (not confused with nibbana) arises from name and form, and isn’t ‘special’, but might have an element of renunciation. Craving for sense pleasures may not have that element. As for where it leads I would say it depends on that person’s avijja, karma, craving, etc.