What is the difference between Dhamma teaching and Dhamma discussion?

In this forum, are we discussing the Dhamma or teaching the Dhamma?
What is the difference?
Please discuss this in light of Lohicca sutta.
Does it say only people who attained the first Jhana should teach Dhamma?

Teaching = one has seen the Dhamma oneself
Discussion = one has not seen the Dhamma oneself

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And at that time an evil viewpoint to this effect had arisen to [the brahman Lohicca]: “Suppose that a brahman or contemplative were to arrive at a skillful doctrine. Having arrived at a skillful doctrine, he should not declare it to anyone else, for what can one person do for another? It would be just the same as if, having cut through an old bond, one were to make another new bond. I say that such a thing is an evil, greedy deed, for what can one person do for another?” (DN 15)

The way I interpret this is as being about the efficacy of teaching. Before I encountered the Dhamma I used to think a little like this IMO; I didn’t think that the words/teachings of others could have the power to transform lives (my own and others’).

The point of the sutta, seems to me to be, that since the Buddha’s teaching does lead to these incredibly transformative distinctions, such as stream-entry and above, jhanas, etc., it’s basically wrong view to think this isn’t possible.

Or something in this direction :slight_smile:

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Teaching the Dhamma = relating what the Buddha said
Discussion = applying the Dhamma to current conditions


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