What is the difference between the dimension of nothingness and the cessation of perception and feeling


There’s no perception of external senses in the arupa jhanas. Everyone agrees on that. I fail to see how you get a fast “flickering” or “static” from these descriptions.

It appears to me you’re assuming that any consciousness/phenomena at all must flicker, as a sort of Theravada Orthodoxy?


No this isn’t insight… its samadhi practice. Vinnana is impermanent, but that isn’t what I was talking about.


The EBT say that vinnana, sanna and vedana are conjoined, but presumably that breaks down in these meditative states?


Ajahn Sona and Punnadhammo Mahāthero discusses the formless realm in this Youtube video.

The book, The Buddhist Cosmos by Punnadhammo Mahāthero
can be downloaded on the Arrow River website:


Thank you. This was a very informative talk. I learned some new stories to help explain “perception and non-perception” (i.e., the puddle is water and not-water to fill a jug). :pray: