What is the earliest recorded use of the word "jhana"?

What is the earliest recorded use of the word “jhana”? :reading:

I’M GUESSING GANDHARA… they added the 4 jhanas to the 37 factors conducive to enlightenment… 4 not 8!

Example using the word “Buddha”

The oldest surviving written records of the term “Buddha” is from the middle of the 3rd century BCE, when several Edicts of Ashoka (reigned c. 269–232 BCE) mention the Buddha and Buddhism

The first explicit mention of the Buddha in a classical text was made by Clement of Alexandria, (c. 150 – c. 215 AD),[who noted in passing that a sect of Indian philosophers revered the Buddha: “Some, too, of the Indians obey the precepts of Boutta (Buddha), whom, on account of his extraordinary sanctity, they have raised to divine honors.”

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You mean physical record? In that, yes probably the Gandharan manuscripts, you can see the recorded attestations here:



What about Mula/Maha/Sihala Atthakata considered to be written by Mahinda Thera (some years after the third council)?

It’s parts are still in existence, in some quotes of Mahavamsa Subcommentary, Sinhalese Dampiya atuva getapadaya and Pali Commentary.