What is the meaning of samādiyāmī?

When we recite precepts we say above word.

What is the meaning of that?
Is it something to do with Samadhi?


## samādāti (saṃ + ā + dā + a)
takes upon oneself.
to take with oneself, to take upon oneself, to undertake
having taken upon himself, conforming to
samādāya sikkhati sikkhāpadesu
he adopts and trains himself in the precepts


##samādhiyati (saṃ + ā + dhā + i + ya)
to be calmed or concentrated.

##samādhi (saṃ + ā + dhā)
concentration, stillness;
a concentrated, self-collected, intent state of mind and meditation which, concomitant with right living, is a necessary condition to the attainment of higher wisdom and emancipation



Thanks, Gabriel,
But what it means by Samadiyami?
Sorry, I miss something here.

samādiyāmī is a conjugation of samādāti. Hence it means to undertake, adopt.

It is not related to samādhiyati, which in turn means still, concentrate, calm down.