What is true comfort?

I just spoke to a young lady who is doing a ‘prac’ to become a teachers-aide. She said a job as an aide was just a stepping stone to what she wanted to do.

The young lady told me she wanted to be comfortable and that’s why she wanted to do the same job as her mother.

Her ‘mother’ did the job she hoped to do in the future and she suffered mega-stress in her job.

If we are comfortably well-off and we can afford to buy big silken cushions and, we lie down on those cushions, how long will it be before we start moving from one position to another? Why do we move about when we take rest?

What is true comfort?

Is it having good friends who we can appreciate and vice versa? Is it having lots of money and assets? Is it being a good Buddhist? What is ‘it’ exactly?

Do we really know or are we all clutching at straws?

Is comfort the same thing as ease?

What do you think?

Comfort sounds indulgent - a bit like complacency. Ease seems to suggest equanimity.

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Are you comfortable now? Are you at ease? Take a look - what do you ‘see’. What’s actually happening with regard to comfort and ease of being as we look together?

At ease in the mouth of the tiger.

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All pleasant sensations if repeated turns is felt different to how it first felt like and might become a bit boring. Eat too much ice-cream and the pleasure turns into an equanimous feeling -and if you eat even more you will be throwing up! Gross feelings are a poor recourse for comfort and peace.

True comfort comes from not craving for a feeling to be one way or the other! Even unpleasant feelings can be defeated!

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