What is viññanam anidassanam in MN49

Can someone elaborate above?
Is this referring to the cessation of perception and feeling?



Bhanthe sujato:

I have re-ordered the poem according to question and answer, to make more sense:

Q1: 'Where do water, earth, fire, & wind
have no footing?
A1: Consciousness without feature,
without end,
luminous all around:
Here water, earth, fire, & wind
have no footing.

Q2:‘Where are long & short,
coarse & fine,
fair & foul,
name & form
brought to an end?
A2: With the cessation of consciousness
each is here brought to an end.’"
Here long & short
coarse & fine
fair & foul
name & form
are all brought to an end.

I believe the vinnanam anidassanam is a state of consciousness that can arise when vipassana is in the process of detaching the mind from all sense phenomena. Strange states can arise here (towards nirodha of the nibbida, viraga, nirodha path). I have heard that some people feel some aspects of the body etc are missing when passing this state when vinnana stops arising from those sense bases. There is one state which corresponds well with the vinnanam anidassanam which is where vinnana is only aware of the mind which is featureless, and not resolved on any other object. It is state of samadhi so no thought or other mental object exists, to any great degree. It is also a very purified mind is therefore ‘shining’. It can seem endless as it is difficult to go in deeper and see its own arising and passing away. Its a relatively stable state, but is not a jhana. It is not inevitable phenomenology but may arise in the final stages of letting go IMO, and is very much a curiosity. [The phenomenological path to the experience of nibbana of nibbida, viraga, nirodha (NVR) is the same, whether in stream entry or in the arahanth IMO, with some variations, due to different levels of defilements and different levels of insight]. This andissana vinnana is also lost when the tilakkhana nature of all phenomena are contemplated or seen further and deeper. I believe anidassana vinnana is more likely to happen when approaching the gradual absorption into the fruit of nibbana (phalasmapatti), than during the thunderstrike action of attaining nibbana, when attaining the path (magga) which happens exceedingly quickly.

with metta

Avijja paccaya Sankhara
Sankhara paccaya Vinnana

So Vinnana is a worldly state of mind, isn’t it?

Its not anything mystical, if that is what you mean.

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Is there any connection with the “luminous mind” of AN 1.49?

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