What is wrong knowledge and wrong release?

"In a person of wrong view, wrong resolve comes into being. In a person of wrong resolve, wrong speech. In a person of wrong speech, wrong action. In a person of wrong action, wrong livelihood. In a person of wrong livelihood, wrong effort. In a person of wrong effort, wrong mindfulness. In a person of wrong mindfulness, wrong concentration. In a person of wrong concentration, wrong knowledge. In a person of wrong knowledge, wrong release.>

I especially like to know what the wrong release means.
Can I say that non-Buddhist have the wrong release?

Ven. Bodhi’s note citing Comy’s explanation:

Wrong knowledge (Micchañana) as the delusion (moha) that arises when someone, having done a bad deed or pondered a bad thought, reflects on it and thinks, “I have done good.”; Wrong liberation (MicchaVimutti) arises when someone who is not liberated thinks “I’m liberated,” or it is the belief that what is not liberation is true liberation.

No need for concern about non-Buddhist just yet, for there’re abundant numbers of Buddhists who fall into MicchaVimutti as a result of MicchaDitthi.

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But how one knows it is the true liberation?

That’s why the Buddha called it a gradual training/process. If we knew with 100% accuracy what true liberation was, we wouldn’t still have sat here babbling about true liberation right? However, He did show us the direction so we can work toward it, as taught in AN 8.53

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