What type of prayers western brahmins chants?

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SN 42.6

The brahmans of the Western lands, lord—those who carry water pots, wear garlands of water plants, purify with water, & worship fire—can take [the spirit of] a dead person, lift it out, instruct it, & send it to heaven.

There is the case where a man is one who takes life, steals, indulges in illicit sex; is a liar, one who speaks divisive speech, harsh speech, & idle chatter; is greedy, bears thoughts of ill-will, & holds to wrong views. Then a great crowd of people, gathering & congregating, would pray, praise, & circumambulate with their hands palm-to-palm over the heart [saying,] ‘May this man, at the break-up of the body, after death, reappear in a good destination, the heavenly world!’ What do you think: would that man—because of the prayers, praise, & circumambulation of that great crowd of people—at the break-up of the body, after death, reappear in a good destination, the heavenly world?”

“No, lord.”

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Being knowledgeable of the brahmin religion context in the time of the Buddha and the early Sangha, maybe bhante @sujato may have an answer or guess! :anjal:

“Om Aham Brahmāsmi” (Om I am Brahman/divine)!?

Aham Brahmāsmi (अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि)- “I am Brahman/Divine” (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.4.10 of the Yajur Veda)

I believe this is it, as in Rig Veda, Mangala 1 - it is about Agni the fire god whom they’re worshiping

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So both are correct ? :thinking:
But Agni the fire puja appear above text did mention it .

The Rig Veda chanting text is correct for the Agni fire ritual.

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Well, I think this is likely in reference to the Antyeṣṭi, the final sacrifice in which the host of the rituals across a lifetime is cremated, and Rgveda 10.16 may give you some idea, although the Samaveda is the veda of chants. Here’s a bit of RV 10.16

Never burn him Agni, never scorch up, neither cast off his skin, nor his body.
When you cook him, prepare him, O Jātavedas [Agni]! Then send him to the Pitṛs [Fathers].

mainamagne vi daho mābhi śoco māsya tvacam cikṣipo mā śarīram ǀ
yadā śṛtam kṛṇavo jātavedo’themenam pra hiṇutātpitṛbhyaḥ ǁ

When you roast him perfectly, O Jātavedas! Then hand him over to the Pitṛs.
When he to the destination of spirit, thence he would become to the side of the radiant ones.

śṛtam yadā karasi jātavedo’themenam pari dattātpitṛbhyaḥ ǀ
yadā gacchātyasunītimetāmathā devānām vaśanīrbhavāti ǁ

May the eye go to Sun, may breath reach the Air, by your dharma, go to the Dyaus [Sky Father] go to the Pṛthivī [Earth Mother]. Or go to the Waters; if your setting be there, stand your śárīram among the herbs.

sūryam cakṣurgacchatu vātamātmā dyām ca gaccha pṛthivīm ca dharmaṇā ǀ
apo vā gaccha yadi tatra te hitam oṣadhīṣu prati tiṣṭhā śarīraiḥ ǁ


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Thanks , one more question , i wonder what it means by purify with water ? :pray:

《those who carry water pots, wear garlands of water plants, purify with water & worship fire 》