When were Bhikkhu Sujato's translations made?

His translations show up in several sections of the tipitaka but the year they were made is not given. When is it?

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Hi @Norphie,

You’ll have to click on the :information_source: Info button at the top of the sutta and then scroll down to see the translation metadata, including the date.

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Hi, welcome Norphie.

Most of them were made around 2018, when I was living on Qi Mei in the lovely nation of Taiwan.

That and other metadata is, as V. Khemarato pointed out, available on the page metadata. We should make it more visible on the site, so I have just made an issue for that.

If you want to get into the weeds, detailed history is available on Github. You can visualize the history of any text using the awesome https://githistory.xyz/.

For example, here is the Git history for SN 1.1:

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