Where can I find the latest version of SC Voice?





I’ll be releasing a new version this week with a bi-lingual sutta player that highlights each text segment as spoken by Amy/Raveena. Having used the new version extensively myself this week I am very grateful to Aminah and Bhante Sujato for suggesting that the spoken suttas be highlighted verse by verse. It is also quite amazing to hear the Pali and English translations together through the entire sutta. The experience is quite … immersive.


Also a playlist feature, please. :slight_smile:


Say more? The suttas are so long I have to split DN33 bilingual across four meditation sessions? (puzzled)

  • Are you downloading and listening or listening with desktop?
  • Which suttas might you want on your playlist (for example)?


For example, in the samyutta nikaya it would be nice to play a whole samyutta.


Perfect. Great idea. Thank you for the inspiration! :pray: