Where can I find this phrase? "Kappāni satasahassāni saṃghe dinnaṃ na nassati"

There is this phrase which is used more often in Sri Lanka, however, it seems very hard to find where exactly it came from. anyone here have any idea about the origin of the phrase “Kappāni satasahassāni saṃghe dinnaṃ na nassati” ?

Tipitaka.org has the largest collection of Pali texts, and it doesn’t seem to be there:


Many thanks Bhante for the information.

There is another stanza which I cannot find where it came from. The above and this one may be having a Thai origin. So I would be grateful if someone can find where these came from.
“Kaṭhinaṃ ca parikkhāraṃ - vāsa dānaṃca uttamaṃ
buddhappamukhasaṃghassa - dānaṃ dhammassa lekhanaṃ
khetta dānaṃca saṃghassa - paṭimā karaṇaṃ pi ca
karaṇaṃ vacca kuṭiyā - aṭṭha puññāni vuccare”