Where can I see the Pali and English of the needed sutta on the website?

I took this picture as an example.
I am looking for the parallels of Dhp 125.
I clicked SUTTA → MINOR → Dharmapadas → Dhammapada → Pāpa Vagga Dhp 116–128
Than I can found what I am looking for.
I would like to express my sincere thanks to the people who built this wonderful website.
However, I couldn’t found the link to the Pali or English version of Dhp 125 or Pāpa Vagga.
Could someone tell me where are those links?
Thanks a million!

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I’m not sure how to get there in the new Suttacentral, but at least you still can use the legcay site to access the various versions:


With the old still uri from which you can change the language string:

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The various versions of the Dhammapadas are not entirely finished yet. We intent to have links with the individual verses also (at least ot the pali) But in this case you can look at the top of the page https://suttacentral.net/dhp where you find a suttaplex card that looks like this and this holds all the translations in the various languages.