Where does this passage occur?


Hello everyone. In this YouTube video by Piya Tan, at 50:15, he said the following: “Whatever bad deeds you do, the Buddhas will know, the devas also will know, and you will know”. Does anyone know which EBT contains this kind of passage?


Maybe something like this?


That’s it. Thank you very much for your answer.


Thanks, Aminah. I added “in charge” to the Voice examples.


It should be mentioned that Thanissaro’s translation of the second verse, world/cosmos as a governing power, includes this:

“There are also devas endowed with psychic power, clairvoyant, skilled [in reading] the minds of others. They can see even from afar. Even up close, they are invisible. With their awareness they know the minds of others.”

‘World’ denotes the three spheres of existence.