Where is this verse in Tipitaka? Does anyone know?

I read book “5 visions of a dying man”. There is a Pali verse, but I don’t know whether it is in Tipitaka. Please advice if you know where it is in Tipitaka. Thank you with Metta.

“Niraye aggikkhandho ca petalokañca andhakam,
tiracchanayoniñca mamsakkhandhañca manusam,
vimanam devalokamhi nimittam pañca dissare.”

“Those who will go to hell see the vision of a mass of fire, those who will go to the world of the petas see darkness and gloom all-around, whose who will take birth as lower animals see visions of forests and animals and other creatures, those who will take birth as human beings see the vision of their dead relations, and those who will take birth in the celestial worlds have the vision of the heavenly palaces. These are the five visions which usually appear before a dying person.”


I don’t think this is a verse from the Tipitaka. If it is, it’s a late text, but I can’t find it. It’s probably from the commentaries, I would think.


Thank you, Bhante. How are about commentaries? Can we trust them?

Sometimes! They are the gathered opinions of teachers of old. Like any opinions, they should be appreciated for what they are, but not accepted uncritically as the final truth. I recommend relying on the Suttas themselves wherever possible, and only turning to the commentaries in cases where the Suttas are unclear. Very often, the commentaries just make things more complicated.