Where is walking meditation described in there canon?

I have gotten a bit interested in walking meditation, as I’ve been grappling with ongoing anxiety, and insomnia, such that sitting meditation is pretty impossible for me right now.

Which led me to thinking about walking meditation. Does anyone have pointers to where this practice is described in the canon?

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I’m reading this topic: Suttas related to walking meditation?
Maybe it will be useful to you.


Oh golly, I should have searched more! :pray: thanks!

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The Buddhist Publication society has Wheel 464 ( pamphlet ) dedicated to walking meditation.

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I was in the same position several years ago.

I discovered that if I moved my body slow and smoothly that it would quickly relax my breathing and some of my muscles. You don’t have to do that for the whole session to get the results. Hope this helps.

Lavender oil capsules (Lavella), CBD oil capsules, and Lemon Balm extract capsules will take a noticeable edge off of the anxiety, without heedlessness, without side effects, and without habituation.

One silver lining was that I learned how effective walking meditation can be if you give it the same amount of time and regularity as sitting meditation.


Long story short, I’ve started my meditation practice with walking meditation as well, done in a very slow way. After several months I was going so slow that I decided it was more like “standing” meditation than “walking” meditation. I decided to sit from that point on.