Where to download the full translation of the Pali canon?

I might be the odd person who finds impossible to find where to download the full translation of the Pali canon. Couldn’t find any link so far.
So, where are the full translation in one file for download?
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AFAIK the entirety of the Abhidhamma has not yet been translated (into English).

All-Nikayas-SuttaCentral-Sujato.zip (1.8 MB) (Oct 2018)

This is the first four nikayas by Bhante Sujato.

Here is a single document with everything Ajahn Thanissaro has translated. It is not every sutta, though: eBooks | dhammatalks.org

I’m curious why you are interested in having all in one file.

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he probably just wants to download one zip file archive and not many individual ones. i don’t think any device could handle that big of a single file to read right now.

Thank you for your reply.
I’m not actually trying to download all nikayas in one file. My mistake is that I thought I would found a download page or a link that would enable me to download the Digha, the Majjhima Nikayas and so on, each one in one file.
I actually saw a few minutes ago a link in another website with each of Bante Sujato’s translations and downloaded everything.
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The suttas used by SuttaCentral Voice are here in JSON format. I’ll update these as SuttaCentral itself is updated with new content.

If you are looking for a “single file” for reading the following might be the best way (there are even enhanced epub versions with nice TOC from our friend @Snowbird at the end of that thread)


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This is getting too technical for a person like myself. My suggestion is to add an item in the main menu of the site for downloading these epub files.
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Yes, yes. Those epubs are brand new and I think the plan is that they will be on the download page where one would expect them.

The feature to custom create epubs as seen in the above linked to thread will eventually be easy as well. However, to make it easy for us, the programmers have to work really hard. :wink: And as I understand it, now they are working hard on other things.