Where to find "If in doubt, add 'Savatthi' as location"?

Somewhere in the Vinaya there is a short passage that allows monastics who are in doubt about where a teaching took place, to just let it take place in Savatthi (or Rajagraha, or another major city).

I had the passage and even a paper about it, but eh, it’s lost in the shuffle. Does anyone know where to find it? Thanks


The reference is mentioned in Bhante Sujato’s and Ajahn Brahmali’s “Authenticity of the EBTs” book. Sorry I don’t have it here now and can’t look it up.
If I remember correctly, the passage ist not found in the Pali vinaya, but in two others.

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Found it. Chapter 3.4, here’s the footnote:
Sorry for the bad quality…


Super, thanks! Just found it as well :slight_smile: