Which consciousness is re-born?

When we say consciousness it identified as six type of consciousness. (eye, ear, tongue, body, nose and mid)
The question is if there are five type of consciousness how the re-birth take place?

Which ever one that arises first in the body of the foetus.

The six types arise and pass away quite rapidly. They can only arise one at a time anyway so one of the six could arise. Considering the more external senses may not be too well developed, a body consciousness, for example, might be the first to arise in the foetus.

with metta

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Then what happened to other (dead ear, nose etc) consciousness mean while?

There aren’t six types of consciousness, though. There are six ways for a consciousness (*an awareness) to be part of contact at one or another sense-base. If there’s no sense-base in operation, there’s no consciousness there, and it didn’t “go” anywhere, or “come from” anywhere. It arose right there, ceased right there.

Buddhism will assert that a mind-made body turns into a fairy (gandhabba, a special mind-made body) and, hauling a kamma checkbook, bounces instantaneously to a new mind-base (Mahayana says some time passes) in one or another developing lifeform. Then, based on where that mind-base has taken root, the other sense-bases are defined & given their scope for that lifespan, based on that lifeform.

Accepting it as phrased, the answer to your question involves the fairy.

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No, it cant.
That is what Citta’s understanding which Buddha rejected.
Consciousness arise due to causes and conditions.
Mother and father is one condition.
What is the other condition to support re-birth of another being?
What is re-linked it?

Theravada Buddhism answers you with reference to the gandhabba. Sorry if that doesn’t satisfy you. (I don’t accept it either, but then, it answers a question I consider illegitimate.)


Each consciousness only lasts a second. Only one arises, at a time. Nothing ‘goes’ from this life to the next. There is only arising and passing away, in a string of causes and effects. Imagine a Christmas lights with only six bulbs. It comes on for only a second and then turns off. Another bulb blinks after that. Only one light is on at a given time.

Consciousness can arise only if a sense door is present to give rise to it. If there sense doors aren’t developed in a foetus then it won’t give rise to consciousness.

With metta

Yes; the arising and ceasing of the consciousness that transfers the kammic continuity to another lifeform is called ‘gandhabba’.

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Nothing passes ‘over’, except causes projecting effects to the next life. Some of the causes are:

"Thus kamma is the field, consciousness the seed, and craving the moisture. The intention & aspiration of living beings hindered by ignorance & fettered by craving is established in/tuned to a lower property. Thus there is the production of renewed becoming in the future.

With metta

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Assuming there is Gandhabba which has to be passed away too.
Another point is how did Gandhabba arise?

There is continuity; the mechanism is the gandhabba. Projecting Effects, you want to say? Fine. I was here to answer the OP, not get sidetracked with pedantics.


These are good questions. You’re only going to get either doctrinal assertions (and need faith) or free-base speculation.

The gandhabba answers a question that doesn’t need to be asked. Accept it on faith or don’t. There’s naught but intellectual thrashing about, otherwise.


This where Abdhidhamma comes to the rescue.
Abhidhamma explains this process without a Gandhbba.

Another point is when you are dying the preparation for your next birth is already taking place. (your parents) The death and the birth is the same process.
We are connected to each other intrinsically.
Many people do not know that the fire can jump 100 meters unless you have lived in a bushfire prone country.
The same way consciousness is operating beyond our physical body.


As I said: intellectual thrashing. :wink:


[quote=“daverupa, post:15, topic:7470”]
As I said: intellectual thrashing. :wink:

But don’t you think that we can explain re-birth without intellectual thrashing?
The problem is we identify you with our limited body.
If we can identify you with the five aggregates as a whole (whole world), it is easier to understand the re-birth.
Then there is no, individual body death. Then It will be similar to a cell death.

I think you can explain rebirth in quite a few ways, because quite a few cultures have done it.

Yes, you can do it without intellectual writhing; in that case, there are assumptions built into the explanation (such as the veridicality of a given set of e.g. trance phenomena), and those are allowed to stand on account of faith.