Which Jataka talks about Dasa-Raja-Dhamma?

I’ve been looking high and low the source of 10 royal virtues of a king like Dana, Sila, Ajjava etc. Many write-ups point to certain jataka, but it’s doesn’t seems to be correct. Does any know which Jataka says about the 10 royal virtues ( Dasa-raja-dhamma)? Thank you.


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responding because i’m curious but also do not know the answer–i wonder if there’s someone here who knows the jataka in mind!

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The Nandiyamiga Jātaka (385):

“mahārāja, raññā nāma agatigamanaṃ pahāya dasarājadhamme akopentena dhammena samena rajjaṃ kāretuṃ vaṭṭatīti”

Dānaṃ sīlaṃ pariccāgaṃ ajjavaṃ maddavaṃ tapaṃ akkodhaṃ avihiṃsā ca khantī ca avirodhanaṃ
Icc-ete kusale dhamme ṭhite passāmi attani,
tato me jāyate pīti somanassañ c’; anappakan ti.

evaṃ vutte rājadhamme gāthābandhanen…

The translation is on SuttaCentral, but the root text on SC seems to be missing the stories?


Well, the root text just has the canonical part of the Jatakas, which are the verses. The prose parts belong to the commentary, but for some reason (:+1:) they have been added to the translations.