Which sutta Buddha said meditation alone isn’t enough?

I don’t remember what exactly he said. But I hope you understand my question.

Thanks in advance

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Maybe MN29:

“So this holy life, bhikkhus, does not have gain, honour, and renown for its benefit, or the attainment of virtue for its benefit, or the attainment of concentration for its benefit, or knowledge and vision for its benefit. But it is this unshakeable deliverance of mind that is the goal of this holy life, its heartwood, and its end.”

or MN30

And so, brahmin, this spiritual life is not lived for the sake of possessions, honor, and popularity, or for accomplishment in ethics, or for accomplishment in immersion, or for knowledge and vision. Rather, the goal, heartwood, and final end of the spiritual life is the unshakable freedom of heart.”


It is implied by the mention of

  • Paratoghosa + Yonisomanasikara
  • Sila + Samadhi + Panna
  • Factors of Eightfold Path
  • Saddha bijam + Tapo Vutthi

And many other suttas.

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That’s the one but one question. When he says concentration it’s samadhi mainly?