Who is right, according to EBT, in the debate of voluntary giving versus higher taxation?

That’s not necessarily true. I love paying tax as it supports my fellow citizens via initiatives such as the healthcare, schools etc… The fact that it is compulsory does not mean that I pay my taxes grudgingly. I know many people do, but I never have. I also love the idea that I don’t need to worry too much about it being collected (I’m pretty lazy) and there are great checks and balances in place to scrutinize how the money is spent.

On the other hand, with my philanthropic giving I find that sometimes I give grudgingly and sometimes I give with a generous heart. Sometimes I’m feeling really stingy, but I still give for other reasons such as social pressure etc… But sometimes I give just because it’s good to give. I know which one makes me happier. :slight_smile:

So I guess from a right mindfulness perspective I think that (for me) it is probably better to give philanthropically as it gives a more immediate connection. I find that the most fruitful for practice is giving directly to another being - hand to hand - and watching the quality of the intention behind the giving in the moment.

Sorry, I’ve got nothing from the EBTs to back any of this up.


This is an adornment and requisite for the mind –AN7.52



These are all good points, thank you for your post. :pray: like you say giving philanthropically gives a more immediate connection, I think you can also choose to give to the charities you really care about.
It’s great that you love paying taxes, I think this will also depend on the country where one lives, since governments can be more or less trustworthy and the money from taxes may be more or less well spent depending on the situations.

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I pay my taxes, and I don’t begrudge it. I do know that a lot of it is going to inefficient programs, bureaucracy, government agencies with little incentive to do a good job, etc. As a business owner, I have seen all too well how grossly incompetent government can be and get away with it.
I also know some of my tax dollars going to things I wouldn’t support individually, but this is where you have to remember it isn’t an option to not pay taxes (ethically at least).
So I see donation as the way to support things I do support personally-- the Sangha, charities, etc. I have my favored places to give there. So I see them as separate processes.