Who To Contact About A Disagreement Over A Thread Being Removed?

I was sent an automated message that a thread I posted was removed after being flagged as off topic.

I don’t agree.

Who could I have conversation with about getting the thread unremoved?

Please feel free to contact me in private and remove this thread.

Thank you.

Whenever you have a question or concern to discuss with the moderation team, you can always feel free to send a PM to @moderators.

Please keep in mind that posts can be hidden due to flags from the community, moderator action, or a combination of these things. Please be assured that moderators carefully asses every flagged post before deciding on appropriate action. If a post is hidden, the poster will receive a notification from the system (and/or from the moderators) requesting that it be edited. If you’re confused or concerned about receiving this type of system message, please feel free to PM the moderation team.

Please also be aware that moderators are all volunteers, spread out across different time zones, so sometimes it make take time for us to decide what actions are most appropriate. A post may remain hidden during the time moderators are discussing it. The flagging system is a way that the community can help to moderate itself and alert the moderators that there may be an issue we need to address.

-On behalf of the moderators