Why an earthquake when someone jackpots? Deadly?

My memory is telling me I read years ago on access to insight: a being becomes an enlightened: there is an earthquake. Dejavu. It does say that here there and everywhere, the second cause. So I blundered into missing an paraphrase for nibbana with residue remaining.

Does mastery of mind cause an earthquake?

why do people die in earthquakes, when someone gets enlightened?

Do people die in enlightenment related earthquakes or do they just

Ladies, gentlemen, gentle monks and gentle nuns we are open for speculation, theories or direct answers disguised as theories.

Im also inviting criticism. Am I way off the mark here?

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Eight Causes of Earthquakes

  1. And the Venerable Ananda approached the Blessed One, and respectfully greeting him, sat down at one side. Then he spoke to the Blessed One, saying: “Marvellous it is indeed, and most wonderful! The earth shakes mightily, tremendously! Dreadful and astonishing it is how the thunders roll across the heavens! What could be the reason, what the cause, that so mighty an earthquake should arise?”

  2. Then the Blessed One said: "There are eight reasons, Ananda, eight causes for a mighty earthquake to arise. What are those eight?

  3. "This great earth, Ananda, is established upon liquid, the liquid upon the atmosphere, and the atmosphere upon space. And when, Ananda, mighty atmospheric disturbances take place, the liquid is agitated. And with the agitation of the liquid, tremors of the earth arise. This is the first reason, the first cause for the arising of mighty earthquakes.

  4. "Again, Ananda, when an ascetic or holy man of great power, one who has gained mastery of his mind, or a deity who is mighty and potent, develops intense concentration on the delimited aspect of the earth element, and to a boundless degree on the liquid element, he, too, causes the earth to tremble, quiver, and shake. This is the second reason, the second cause for the arising of mighty earthquakes.

16-21. "Again, Ananda, when the Bodhisatta departs from the Tusita realm and descends into his mother’s womb, mindfully and clearly comprehending; and when the Bodhisatta comes out from his mother’s womb, mindfully and clearly comprehending; and when the Tathagata becomes fully enlightened in unsurpassed, supreme Enlightenment; when the Tathagata sets rolling the excellent Wheel of the Dhamma; when the Tathagata renounces his will to live on; and when the Tathagata comes to pass away into the state of Nibbana in which no element of clinging remains — then, too, Ananda, this great earth trembles, quivers, and shakes.

"These, Ananda, are the eight reasons, the eight causes for a great earthquake to arise. [27]



OK so do you think anyone might have been killed or could be killed in the future by one of these earthquakes? The mastery of mind kind.

Perhaps this could be less than 3.00 of the Rithes scale.


Fantastic! I don’t know!:slightly_smiling_face:

Actually, a supermonk sujested a lot of fully enlightened beings in Japan. I can’t lie.

I am just guessing too.

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Maybe the supermonk was joking?

What do you mean by fully enlightenment?

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Living Arahuts.


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I can’t answer your questions; I don’t know. But I can see that the first of the causes of earthquakes given by the Buddha in the sutta that you cite cannot stand up to modern scientific scrutiny. One way of dealing with this is is to use a metaphorical interpretation such as Venerable Sujato uses to explain the Anthill Sutta. That seems quite satisfactory for the first point the Buddha makes,

… but then the question arises as to whether the seven following reasons are to be taken literally or metaphorically. I don’t expect complete agreement exists, but I also don’t expect that prolonged discussion would be particularly useful.


Atmosphere as in gas, like in a seething magma core?

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I don’t know if I will ever understand space, like unbound space, I don’t need to. I think the sutta has 27 parallels. I don’t know I have no idea if it matters, but I thought hey, why not.

Possibly a metaphor, but who really knows?

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You are someone who is very bright.

Irellavent I know but I dig it.

I don’t see this as a useful line of inquiry. But it might be useful if you asked whether the ‘earthquakes’ were metaphorical.

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OK sir, I would like to ask if the earthquakes could be metaphorical? What purpose would that serve anyone? Thank you for inviting me to ask and allowing me to learn.

Sorry Gillian I was so caught up in my own stuff. I didn’t properly validate what you were saying. Thank you for your contribution, I was also wondering if you have a metaphorical theory?