Why are there no female gurus?

Guru : do you know why there are no female gurus ?
Female devotee : why Guru ?
Guru : simply there are no female gurus and there are no male gurus .
Female devotee : but Sir , I am confused !
Guru : because if you are stuck with gender , then there is no chance you being a guru , you will not be a male guru or even female guru . Much less you will become good guru .
Female devotee : Guru , I still don’t understand ?
Guru : when we say fe(male) it already take into account of male , it includes male obviously . Duality mind suggest female versus male as the opposite without which you could not differentiate . The problem is we are quick in identifying ourselves with body parts !
Hence , the whole mechanism of it perpetuate without stopping due to this thought of separation .
Female devotee : so Guru , in order for us to become a female guru , we need to get rid of our labeling as female or male ?
Guru : there you go again ! When you are the Intelligent itself , there is no identifying , no separation , no naming , not even as a guru ! Life by itself is just life . And liberation and freedom from the known is
then but the flows of life itself
without any tag and name .
Female devotee : thank you Guru .


Funny I listened to the following video yesterday.


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However, we do have female gurus in Tibet.
Dorje Pamo Rinpoche was the only one, but now we have many more.

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Some sects of tantra supposedly had very strong lineages of female gurus. There are even some texts with the classic teacher-student dialogue where the woman is in the position of teacher, I can the names of some of them if anyone’s interested. Tibetan Buddhism, having a strong influence from the popularity of tantra in India at the time of formation, probably absorbed some of those attitudes as well. I know in some of the root tantric vows of Tibetan Buddhism there is a specific vow against deriding women.

:smile: Well, the Oracle in Matrix is a black woman.