Why are you faithful to Buddha Dharma? (inspiration)

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For me I’m faithful in Dharma because it’s methods effects are visible here and now. Before without Buddha Dhamma my meditation was chaotic. With it there is less attachments. Without it I created illusory dreams. With it I slept in peace.


I would say we can’t say that the Dhamma is truth until we first glimpse Nibbana. Before that we have saddha (faith). Still, I can certainly accept the premises and conclusions of the 4NT. The 4NT make sense to me. Reading them is how I came to Buddhism.


Letting go of resentment doesn’t require Nibbana. Yet it is one of the first things I learned reading the Dhamma.

DN33:3.2.15: Thinking: ‘They did wrong to me, but what can I possibly do?’ you get rid of resentment.

The day I read it, a car almost ran me over. It was a valuable lesson to learn. And it worked.

…giving up resentment is a glimpse of Nibbana? :laughing:

You see. I live in a yippee-kay-yay culture, where we watch DieHard for Christmas with family as celebration of community and good will.



Is it even Christmas without die hard? :smile:


It directs our attention to what we habitually overlook. It enriches our lives by encouraging us to understand rather than to condemn. It is both dynamic and illusive which makes it open to interpretations and reliable anytime and anywhere.