Why are you in this forum?

    1. Attain Nibbana or any intermediate state
    1. Attain higher consciousness
    1. Seeking peace of mind
    1. General interest in Buddhism
    1. Comparative religious study
  • 6)Prove Buddhism is wrong
    1. Socialising
    1. Pass time
  • 9)Learn and Share
  • 10 Other - Please specify

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I voted for attain Nibbana or intermediate state and learn and share.

I suggest you have an option which links back to D&D’s core theme:

Early Buddhist texts, translations, and parallels

The Main Theme of this Site is Early Buddhism
We are interested in discussing early Buddhist texts, their meaning and historical context, how these teachings evolve and relate to later traditions, and how they may be applied in the present day.


I can’t change it.
@Aminah @sujato Please change as you think fit. Perhaps this survey may some help for admin decision making.

All of the above! And more.

May I suggest your list may be an excellent working draft?

Interesting list. Do you really think anyone would spend time trying to prove anything about Buddhism (let alone “prove Buddhism is wrong”)? Why not have an option for those trying to prove it right? Or those who might want to try to prove it is somehow neutral?

:wink: Buddhism: the best idea in life since spines and central nervous systems.

I knew this forum from my friend who suggested to submit my Indonesian translation of SA and MA to SC site (he is the Indonesian translator for 4 Nikayas on SC too), then I join this forum and got much knowledge from the discussions about EBTs and other topics on Dhamma :slight_smile:

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The way Buddhist do not believe in a creator God, some people do not believe in Nibbana.

I have difficulty in seeing the benefit of this quiz. What is the question? What is it’s purpose? Do you mean it to be serious?


People have different reasons to be on this forum.
You already can see there is a difference.
As I said in my OP my presence here is to learn and share and ultimately attain Nibbana.
I am sure it is not the common goal here.
A good example is a troll.

Because I’m bored.


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Because this site has good mobile interface compared with other forums.


because of metta, karuna, mudita, upekkha.

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becoz its about time girls instead of being made mara… are given the right to speak the truth irrespective of their status and even if the hearers doesnt like to hear them …???

or maybe its better for men to be mara instead…???

what are the causes? what are the effects???
les m… ???

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The results so far are very close to the result of DW.
I surprised why so few want to attain Nibbana.


Perhaps those respondants just don’t come here for the purpose of attainments? That was what you asked, right? Why we use the forum?


I’m not using D&D to attain Nibanna. It’s pretty much a distraction from the goal.


This is not an empty house or a root of a tree.

:grin: Because @Mat makes me learn some words of Pali whether it’s convenient to me or not!
(Let the mild grousing of a student be understood as gratitude towards, and acknowledgement of, a spiritual friend.)

Other - please specify:
There is that EBT and translation thingy stuff going on here too.


Ah, excellent! Did you also copy my spelling mistake? :laughing:

with metta