Why Buddhism is not growing?


Indeed. The 4th Noble Law.

:slight_smile: Perhaps decrease is not a bug but a feature?


(Therefore be diligent…?)




As we all walk our chosen path in Buddhism, hoping for stream entry or more, I’ve often wondered at what might have one choose the path to perfection over the path to non-return. There are so few Buddha’s and so many more non-returners. A Buddha would have to come back again and again, over the eons, suffering through all the rebirths, always choosing the path to perfection. That’s actually a bit mind-boggling to me.

I mean…we can see the rebirth due to craving would be MASSIVE, but that singular birth of a Buddha? Wow!


Do we need to see the facts.


In Indonesia, maybe it’s because:

  1. Many Buddhists dunno about Buddhist doctrine.
  2. Too lazy when read Buddhist canon.
  3. Dun want to know deeper about Buddhism.
  4. Mostly just can say: “Amituofo”, “Namo Buddhaya”, “Sādhu3x”, etc; Looking for good looking photo of Buddha, Gods, and Bodhisattva on internet; looking for good and motivated quotes on Internet.



What is amitofu?


Do you know any Buddhist monks who are an inspiration?

They seem to be able to ‘speak to the masses’.

They should be able to speak about the other issues you mentioned?! Or is there a suppression of religion as well.


Wow. Indeed that is something else!


I wouldn’t say it has anything to do with parents neglecting their duties. They can teach their children the difference between right and wrong without association to any religion.


Yes, I taught my children Buddha’s values as I think they are far more superior to those of other systems including humanistic ones. Wouldn’t you do the same if you thought they were better off with them too (I mean they are not commandments at least).


As is your right as a parent to teach them the values you hold dear. Some western Buddhist parents may agree with you and some may not. It’s also their right as parents to teach them ethics without regard to religion.


Amitāyur, Amitābha, Amitāyus, Amida.

The Buddha of either Infinite Life or Infinite Light. A Mahāyāna Buddhic deity who presides over a dharma heaven somewhere to the west.

Fun trivia, many believe the “Infinite Life” reading to be a corrupted Central Asian Prākritism with the bh being weakened to an h and then a y for some reason. I gave myself some citational pseudo-undertakings in the thread to do with trans discrimination but I will also try to find this too because it is at least interesting in passing.


Well you can only give a ‘gift’ if you value it as an important thing you can offer to someone!


It sounds like your parents did a great job. :slightly_smiling_face: So perhaps it’s best to expose the child to Buddhism without imposing it on them.


We’re able to do it but mostly they’re too lazy… :sweat_smile: I think it’s the right time to preparing a book that can teach about Buddhist doctrine gradually. It’s better than ask them to read a whole canon… :thinking:


Amitabha Buddha… :grin:


Thanks for the replies. :slightly_smiling_face:


U welcome… :grin:


The Chinese government, which ostensibly adheres to Marxist dogma regarding religion as a distraction from the revolution, has in place a policy of official atheism. Nonetheless, China’s government also has unofficially chosen Buddhism as the religion it promotes and, in that sense, there are a billion potential Buddhists in the world who might otherwise have tended in another direction.

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I think this is due to asian migration.