Why Buddhism is not growing?


Another problem I see in Sri Lanka is the Buddhist nationalism among Buddhist monks. In my opinion Buddhist monks do not have a house, country, gender, cast or social status. But many Sri Lankan Buddhist monks break all these rules.


I thought it was due to Ajahn Brahm’s Dhamma talk jokes… :wink:


That’s a relevant but different and difficult issue. We need to get the real teaching, succinctly, to everyone. This must be possible, surely!


I wonder if displacing Asians is good in terms of Buddhism, for the host culture?!

Yes, that what I thought too: something succinct, but standardised. At least it could be a summary if standardised is too much of an ask!


SN14 is a good read. It showes how people converge and come together.


And I think the best way to make it is using “gradual teachings” and “gradual instructions” that Buddha teach to his followers with some improvements… :thinking:


Interesting point about the growth of Buddhist-inspired movements.
For example I’ve had some experience of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, which is derived from satipatthana.


Suttacentral is here…
…and I found it when I needed it.

Very few are thirsty for the teaching. There’s simply too much shiny out there.


It is like becomming rich.
According to the level of your wealth you start to brush up with wealthy people.
In other words there is an eliment which people converge and flock together.


I wouldn’t be surprised if something similar is going on in the USA. Here in the USA it seems like convert Buddhists skew older, towards the baby boomer generation. At least that’s been my experience.


Yes, and with an aging Buddhist population we need some Buddhist old folks homes. All the residents falling asleep during the morning meditation…:laughing:


When I can’t sleep, I play SCV.


I play Ajahn Brahm (please nobody tell him).


Actually, I can’t sleep when I listen to AB.


I find Bhikkhu Bodhi’s voice quite relaxing. :yum:


I think BB got an infectious laugh.:smiley:


I would also add that I’ve noticed that Advaita Vedanta seems to be out-competing Buddhism amongst serious spiritual practitioners (i.e., not just people meditating for stress relief, but people who want “enlightenment”).


Other relegions keeping re-inventing themselves for the survival by borrowing from Buddhism etc.
Unfortunately, some Buddhist try to re-invent the Buddha’s teaching as well, due to not comprehending ad realising Nibbana.
No growth is a great concern for monks who are rely on the support of lay people.
I know a monk who is practically a useles fellow on the surfes. (perhaps he could be enlightened)
There is not much support for his temple so he keep borders to support his income. He decided to have a Hindu temple (forune telling etc) in his premises to attract people.
In some Sri Lankan temple you see more people are visiting the Hindu temple than the Buddhist temple.


In North America things like meditation and mindfulness are becoming popular. Retreats are good business but I doubt many people go to an actual Buddhist monastery or talk to actual monks.

Some of the meditation groups i went to felt more like self help groups. They would give “dharma talks” based on some book by some american meditation teacher. People get very little Dhamma at these places, if any at all.


Yes. There are lot of counterfit Dhamma.
But remember meditation is not the monopoly of Buddhism.
Right meditation leads to Right knowledge and Right knowledge leads to Right Release.
If people learn wrong meditaion it will lead to wrong release.