Why don't headings display segment numbers?

When “Main” references are turned on, we see all of the segment numbers except those for headings and sub-headings. Those segment numbers exist and will even work if used. For example,


Will take you right to where you want:

But you have to dig into the html to find them.

I realize that displaying them is kind of ugly, especially because there may already be numbers that are a visible part of the text of the heading.

However if I want beauty, I will turn off the segment numbers completely :grin:

In practice this means it’s not easy to link to a section heading. Instead I have to link to the first segment in the heading. Or I have to go digging in the code.

To be clear, I’m not talking about the numbers that appear in the text of the heading as discussed in this old thread.

Bhante @Sujato, is there a reason it’s like this? Are you open to changing how it works so the segments are displayed?