Why is intoxication not added in 10 unwholesome deeds?

There are 10 unwholesome actions (dasa akusalakammapatha). In that, there is no intoxicant. Why?

The ten unwholesome courses of kamma is a cosmic perspective:

""Householders, it is by reason of conduct not in accordance with the Dhamma, by reason of unrighteous conduct, that beings here on the dissolution of the body, after death, reappear in states of deprivation, in an unhappy destination, in perdition, even in hell. "

—Majjhima Nikaya 41

Avoiding intoxicants is in the category of right action of the noble eightfold path, an immediate perspective dealing with progress in practice. Inbibing intoxicants would not necessarily lead to rebirth in hell.

Other than the five heavy karmas, most things don’t necessarily lead to hell.


Taking alcoholic drinks that cause negligence, when cultivated, developed, and practiced, leads to hell, the animal realm, or the ghost realm. The minimum result it leads to for a human being is madness.

As to your question, there are lots of actions that are unwholesome that aren’t listed in those ten.

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Please show me some. Then why are just 10 given?

The Buddha was likely a man instead of an all knowing divine being. That was probably an oversight on his part or the part of people who eventually wrote his discourses down.

Intoxication is handled in the 5 precepts, which probably made it out to more lay people where it is needed most.

Nah… Did you not understand?

Svakkhato Bhagavata dhammo

Teaching of Blessed One is clearly described and concise (no need commentary).

All has been described by him. No oversight. Just practice N8FP, those are more than enough for one to realize his knowledges.

One should ask why one haven’t understood? Hint: Probably follow the wrong path.

But most will take life after life depend on your wisdom/faculties/senses development.

What did you think I did not understand?