Why is it wrong to talk about racism on here?

I opened a thread and was heavily reprimanded by moderators.

The issue may have been more with the forum that you chose to have the discussion in rather than the topic itself. As I understand it, The Watercooler is for noncontroversial topics.


Ok should it go in the feedback section then? I don’t know, the moderator was very angry because I defended myself.

If you’re looking to inquire about the appropriate forum for a discussion on racism, messaging one of the moderators might be a good idea. In the meantime though, I’d recommend trying to maintain equanimity—which is understandably difficult considering the political climate at the moment, but unfettered anger might only worsen matters.


Thank you tonysharp. I apprecaite you at least acknowledge this. That means a lot.

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Let me try to answer this one with a question:

Why would it be alright to discuss racism on a forum about early Buddhist texts?

I struggle to find a good answer to this one myself! :sweat:


Well, My original question was about personal experience and also what the suttas had to say about it. And why wouldn’t it be alright? Or is it something that Buddhist ignore?

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So much for the freindly chat in the watercooler.